Six-Word Lessons Growing Up Autistic



Six-Word lessons on growing up Autistic – 100 lessons to understand how Autistic people see life is a short but insightful book written by Trevor Pacelli, an young man on the Autism spectrum. He was diagnosed at 5 years and had published drawings and illustrations for books. He wrote this book at 19 years of age. In this book, he shares 100 short and practical tips to understand the Autistic loved one in your life. The tips are written under ten chapters – Suspecting that your child has Autism, A different view of the world, Time alone vs time with others, Sudden changes are a big challenge, Getting out there to make friends, What is the best schooling option, Transitions in school as they age, Major life events are especially challenging, Forgiving and forgetting about the past, and Daily living  with your Autistic child.


I particularly loved the tips where Trevor discusses about his difficulty in sharing his thoughts and experiences, relating to other’s experiences, changes in schedule and sudden surprises, his wanting to be a friend and balance his need for time alone to regain his composure and many more. I can relate to them very well as my son is also going through similar difficulties. I know these are common difficulties for many Autistic people and this short book which takes less than an hour to read will provide insight in to the Autism world our loved ones inhabit.


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