Jungle Geometry App



Jungle Geometry is a one of a kind app that teaches geometry concepts to our visual learners on the spectrum. It is engaging and hands-on. This award winning app developed by Andrew Short features a jungle theme that can be customized easily to suit your child’s needs.




The image above shows the level 1, wherein, the students are asked to measure the line using a movable ruler and record the measurement by scrolling to the right answer from the wheel. The three levels in app cover a host of geometry concepts like lines, angles, 2D and 3D shapes, and measuring with a ruler and a protractor. For example in the lines, the child can learn to measure lines, identify types of lines like line segment, ray,etc. and as well as identify line pairs like parallel, perpendicular, etc.




Measuring angles using a protractor was great fun as it involves aligning the protractor properly and measuring. Different types of angles like acute, right angle and obtuse angle are covered. With fresh problems to choose from and multiple levels that help the child progress from basic to advanced learner, this app is a favourite in our home. The app costs $2.99 and can be purchased on the iTunes store HERE




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