About Me


          Welcome to my website! I am Padma, mother of a 12 year old boy on the Autism spectrum. Our journey into the world of Autism started 10 years back. As every parent of a child with Autism will acknowledge,  these years have been quite eventful! There have been many times when I felt the need to talk to someone who understands the Autism world we inhabit, where we speak a different language, have different problems and in general feel different from parents with neurotypical kids. A world where no day is same, where smallest accomplishments are source of great joy and most importantly where we face challenges on a daily basis and find courage and strength  to overcome them! After the diagnosis, the most important things you need are resources to help your child, be it books, games, apps, software, informative websites and blogs, etc. and hear from other parents who have been on the same journey. This website is an attempt to share resources. I hope you find them useful. The Shop section features hand picked products for our children. We are all travelling in the same boat, lending support and encouragement makes our journey easier!


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