Build Me A Bridge – A beautiful poem depicting inside view of autism world

I had this poem pasted to my bedroom wall for nearly two years. No matter how many times I have read it, I still like going back to it from time to time. This is taken from the book , ” Soon will come the light” by Thomas McKean. It is a moving personal account of autism and winner of Autism society of America’s Literary achievement award. Thank you Mr. Thomas Mckean for such a beautiful poem.


I have known that you and I
have never been quite the same.
And I used to look up at the stars at night
and wonder which one was from where I came.
Because you seem to be a part of another world
and I will never know what it’s made of.
Unless you build me a bridge, build me a bridge,
build me a bridge out of love.

I long for the day that you smile at me
just because you realize
that there’s a decent and intelligent person
buried deep in my kaleidoscope eyes.
For I have seen the way that people look at me
Though I have done nothing wrong.
Build me a bridge, build me bridge,
And please don’t take too long.

Living on the edge of fear.
Voices echo like thunder in my ear.
See me hiding everyday
I’m just waiting for the fear to lift away.

I want so much to be a part of your world.
I want so much to break through.
And all I need is to have a bridge,
a bridge built from me to you.
and I will be together with you forever,
and nothing can keep us apart.
If you build me bridge, a tiny, little bridge
from my soul, down deep into you heart.

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