First time my son showed how much he loves me

Today I feel like sharing with you the proudest moment of my life. When my son was diagnosed as having autism at two years three months, he was totally non-responsive. Always hyperactive, staring into spaces, playing with wheels of cars, virtually looking through me even when I was right in front him. It broke my heart to see him like that, especially because he was totally responsive, verbal and a typical child till six months back. Then started intensive early intervention program where we used to work with him for nearly ten hours a day. We had to teach him to look at me, respond to his name, participate in activities, allow me to hug him without pushing me away and telling him endlessly how much we loved him. It was like a one sided love story!

He improved slowly but steadily, but never displayed any emotions. The incident I want to share happened when he was five years old. Me and my mother were trying to change the empty cylinder and start a new one. But there was a problem and we could smell gas leakage. When my son came into the kitchen, I took him to play in the balcony, but he came back and then I told him its not safe in the kitchen and mama wants him to go play elsewhere. He left but came back after one minute and started pulling me away from the kitchen. I thought he needed something to eat and have him a snack, but he kept pulling me away from kitchen. That’s when I understood he was asking me to stay away from kitchen because I said its not safe! He loved for me enough to step away from his world and show he was concerned for my safety. That was the proudest moment of my life. Who  says children with autism can’t express their emotions?  They may not do so frequently, but when they do, they blow you away with  love!

If you are a parent of a child in similar position, don’t give up. Wait patiently and never stop telling them how much you love them. Someday, they will respond and make your day!

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