My baby steps into the world of autism

When a baby enters into the world, everything seems new, frightening and overwhelming. That’s exactly how I felt when my son was diagnosed as having mild developmental delay with autistic features nearly a decade ago. I never knew a word like autism even existed! Talking to a lot of professionals and surfing the internet for information, made me feel more helpless and depressed as to why this was happening to my son as we had no prior family history. I know a lot of parents must have felt the same way. What I needed the most then was to talk to some parent, who had been there, seen that and UNDERSTOOD how it felt. They say every child with autism is different with differing sensory and behavior problems. But all parents feel the same! We feel helpless because we don’t know how to help our child. When we hold our baby for the first time, we feel emotions we never felt for anyone else before, of overwhelming love,  a promise we make to the baby that we will protect them for every problem and be always there for them. The diagnosis of autism raises a doubt, how will we keep our promise? How do I protect my child?I will tell you how I found a way to keep my promise to my son. The feeling of helplessness was there because I knew very little about autism. Knowledge is the key to the solution. Read, talk, interact with people in the field. But remember you are taking baby steps. You may fall more than you walk, face more disappointments than success, but make every fall a stepping stone to getting nearer to your goal! The goal is to understand what is going on with your child, the way his sensory system is wired, what are his weak points in the developmental scale, how does he like to learn best (visual/auditory), and most  importantly how best can you help your child to interact. Getting you child to interact, play, respond to your suggestions and willing to learn from you is the most important goal.  This is my experience. I would love to hear from you about your experiences

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