Fun Therapy – Think & Match

Creative educational aids has some good games and puzzles which effortlessly blend fun with education. Think & match is one of the good games we have used. It comes in two parts – 1 and 2. Each game has 112 graded exercise cards for promoting thinking power.  Its an innovative brain building game that develops thinking and logical skills in an enjoyable way.  The game helps in development of the following skills:
1) Memory
2) Concentration
3) Logic
4) Hand eye coordination and
5) Problem solving skillsThe game comes in a cardboard box with several cards and plastic chips in various colours. For example, if we take the card which has several animals on the left side and there is a specific colour for each animal. On the right side, there are pictures of the animal skins which are magnified. You have to match each animal to its corresponding magnified part by placing the alloted plastic tile against the right answer.

Games in part 1 are easier compared to those in part 2.  Each game costs INR 175 each. Totally worth it! Try these games and share your feedback.


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