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Facesay is a social skills software that aims at teaching pivotal skills such as emotion recognition, face recognition, facial expressions modulation and joint attention. In the words of one of the partcipants of the study on the benefits of facesay software, a eleven year old girl with aspergers said, ” I learned I needed to look at both halves of the face.I’ve been looking at just the bottom half, the mouth”. This was the first thing I  liked about this software. And the second good thing is that they give a 30 day free trial of the software! You just need to give your name and email id to be able to download the software. You can play all the games in the beginner level.

The software has three games:

1) Amazing Gazing – a game where one has to select the object/number/face the person is gazing at. The beginner level has objects for gazing and when we click on the right object, we can see the person wearing it on the face.You have to follow the movements of the eyes closely as there are 10-12 objects on the screen. Suprisingly, my son does this exercise very well.

2) Follow the face – a game where you have to observe the facial expressions of the children particularly,the face and eyebrows area and select a yes/no answer to whether they are showing the same expression. The expressions are not labelled as ‘happy’ or ‘sad’.

3) Bandaid clinic – a game where a part of the face (eyes/nose/mouth) is blurred and we have three options from which to choose the right match. If  you match the eyes right, you get a wink! The game progesses from simple exercises of matching the eyes to more difficult ones with similar options with subtle differences.

So go ahead and download the software, try out the beginner level games and don’t forget to share you feedback!

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