Fun Therapy – Wooden Toys

                               Product Details This is posting challenge by Skillofun. It has 16 cavities four on each side. They belong to different categories like fruits, shapes, animals and transport. This game encourages categorization, fine motor and visual skills.

Product Details             Encourages fine motor skills, concept of numbers as well as even and odd numbers.
Skillofun Maze Chase - Shapes Around Us, Multi Color                    Skillofun Maze chase games are available in a variety of options -shapes, colours, addition, etc. Good game to develop visual skills, thinking skills and fine motor skills. Provides hours of fun filled learning.

Skillofun Animal Alphabet Tray with Knobs, Multi Color                  This is skillofun animal alphabet fun with knobs. The child has to match the picture to the word and place the correct one.

These are a few good wooden toys we used through the years.

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