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Teaching children the concept of time is one of the most useful and important skills of life. It helps in better understanding and lesser tantrums as the child understands exactly what we mean one hour later! It sure made our life a lot easier.

There are a few games in the market to teach time concept and are a good way to teach our visual learners. Let take a look at two of them we used at home.

Creative Educational Aids 1062 Time Match

This was the first one we tried. Here we have to match the clock face to time in numbers as well as in words. Good game to start teaching the time concept.

Creative Educational Aids 0648 Fun with Time

This is the second one we tried where we match daily activities with their correct time cards like wake up at 6 am, etc. There are also cards to teach half past, quarter past and quarter to concepts in telling time. Good game encourage better understanding of time telling.

Creatives Two Faced Clock

Later we got this two faced clock with movable hands which has normal clock on one face and the half past,etc on the other face. Then we made our own time cards on chart paper cut outs. we started with cards of clock time with emphasis on quarter to, quarter past and half past times. When my son got good at this, we moved onto cards which use digital time of 24 hour scale. It was tough at first for him, but gradually he mastered this skill. Then we added cards with half past, quarter to,etc. times in digital time  to our collection. Lastly, we added cards with times that read 16:22, 18:46, 07:12,etc. Really tough, isn’t it? I used to spread three such cards in front of him and set the clock face to one of them. He had to pick up the right time card. Took us six months to get consistently good at this. A thoroughly satisfying experience for us!

These games are available in most online stores like,,,etc.


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