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In the apps section, we will be focusing exclusively on android apps because there is lot of information about iapps, but precious little about good apps on android platform. Since we use a tablet that works on android platform for my son, I started exploring the android apps useful in autism in specific and any child in general. So lets explore the world of android apps together!

The first app that we, as parents need most is one that is useful for assisted communication. There a few AAC apps that serve the purpose:

JABtalk – its a free android speech communication application designed for communication needs of non verbal children as well as adults. Its easy to navigate and you can download any number of pictures into the app. You add a voice, arrange into categories, use as plain text to speech app,  and even add pictures using the camera in the device. To learn more, click on the following link

Piktoplus AAC Speech Pictogram – is a communication system with 2D and 3D pictograms.  There is an option wherein the pictogram can be transformed into the appearance of the child/user  (playing, running, happy, sad, etc. ). In addition to the thousands of pictograms available, you can import external pictures too! It also has an automated week schedule to show the everyday activities. To learn more,

YouTalk AAC – good one for beginners. Its a free app which can be used to create three by three grids of pictures with a maximum of forty five images per grid. Easy to use yes/no feature along with text to speech option available.

Speech Assistant AAC – This app is good for ones with impaired speech but ability to read. It has no pictures but instead uses words or phrases for communication.

TapToTalk – is a free basic version to see how comfortable your child is with this form of communication. It has a sample AAC album that caters to basic needs and you can add more or upgrade to a higher paid version. Simple, easy to use app. To learn more click on the following link:

AAC Autism my voice communicator – ready to use app to communicate basic needs, wants and emotions. Very easy to use, you can add new images and create new categories too. This app is totally free!

We use Avaz app at home. You can read more about the features in a separate  post about Avaz.
Hope you find this post useful!

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