Fun Therapy – Sorting Fun

Sorting activities are great way to develop fine motor skills, visual skills, bilateral coordination and eye hand coordination. We had a great time doing sorting with wide variety if items. Come let’s take a look at few of them.

We started off with cotton balls as they are big and easy to grasp with tweezers or sugar tongs. Sorting the coloured cotton balls with tweezers was our first game.

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This is our second one. You can sort the plastic toys into colours, shapes with tweezers and string them as well.

Itty Bitty Stringing Shapes Kit

Then we got more adventurous and tried these:

Product Details

Jewellery beads

Alphabet cube beads

Baby Porcupine Balls

Baby Porcupine balls

Glitter Pom Poms

Glitter pom poms

Mini Eraser Assortment (500 Pieces)

Assorted erasers

This is my favourite as they are so cute and smell great. We got the 100 pack and there were nearly twelve different types of erasers for sorting.

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