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iPhone Screenshot 1The app is Bugs and Bubbles is one of the good apps from the house of Little Bit Studio. Contrary to their name (little bit ), there are nearly 18 activities in this app! This is the largest we have ever used. With uniquely detailed graphic styling and advanced interactivity, this app is very good to entertain, educate and engage your child. There is option for adoptive play where you can adjust the profile to enable your child to learn without frustration. If your child is stuck, visual instructions appear to guide and disappear immediately. I just love the background music which is soothing and relaxing.  This app enhances learning of critical skills like balance, colours, counting, letters, patterns, pinching, shapes, sorting, tracking and many more.

This is the screenshot of the various activities to explore and learn.
Pattern play with various levels of difficulty.

Concept of weighing, balancing the scale and addition.

Tracing letters.

Matching colours and bursting them.

Drag and drop the bubbles to the collector and develop fine motor skills.

Develop several concepts like smaller, larger, above, below, left, right , etc.

remember the pattern shown and recreate them.

Match the bubbles with matching numbers or alphabets while the timer runs out.

Stack them as high as possible without falling.

The app costs Rs 190. Loved this so much that we went ahead and got another app from the same developer – Bugs and Buttons. Will review the app soon.

To watch the app in action, visit the youtube link : 

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