Sensory Room – Finger Painting

Finger painting is an excellent way to exercise the little hands and get them creative. Its an age old activity which never fails to excite kids of all ages. In addition to providing tons of fun, finger painting enhances understanding of colours, mixing of colours, eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, visual skills, creative skills and gross motor skills if the paper is on the floor. Its messy play and very therapeutic! The paints are easily washable and safe.

Toy Kraft - Getting Started With Finger Painting

This one is good for young children and costs Rs 325. It comes with five non toxic paints in five colours – yellow, red, white, green and blue, 12 sheets of pre-printed art paper templates, 16 sheets of art paper book, finger painting book and 1 colour pallete. A good way to start finger painting.  If you are looking something more complex  try this one,

Toy Kraft - An Animated Collection of Finger Painting 2

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