Good App – Toca Tea Party

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This is another great app from Toca Boca game studio. This app is a gold winner in the parent’s choice award. Its good to learn pretend play a tea party, where a child hosts a tea party and does it totally from selecting a table cloth, setting the table, serving food, tea and even cleaning up spilled tea! And above all its super fun and entertaining! The app costs $2.99

First the child has to select a table cloth, then set the plates and glasses/cups/mugs for the guests. There are nine options of cakes and cookies to chose from when serving the guests and once three of them are selected, you get a tray full of them to serve your guests. Once the food is served, the music plays and the child helps the guests eat and drink with their fingers.

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Some guests do tend to spill their drinks and the child has to clean it up with tissue papers. The guests keep asking for their favourite foods and your child serves them!

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When all the pastries and cookies are eaten , its time to clean up.

iPad Screenshot 5

My son learnt that he tends to spill easily from the cups so he started serving in mugs! Its fun to watch him set the table in matching plates and mugs for everyone but he doesn’t like cleaning up the spills.

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