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Today I am back with another app from the Little Bit Studio, Bugs And Buttons. This is an amazing app with 18 different games with varying levels of difficulty, really good graphics and loads of fun filled learning. This app promotes several skills like critical thinking, counting, fine motor skills, patterns, path finding through a maze and visual skills. Let’s get to know more about  this award winning app.

Some of the games in this app are –  play tic tac toe with a dragonfly, pick apples while dodging bees, remove and sort bugs, catch buttons falling of a truck, help bugs find their way through mazes, catch colourful fire flies in a jar, fling bees at a target flower (my son loves this), finish sequences of letters and button patterns and many more. All this while soothing music plays in the background. Now enough with theory, let’s take a look at them :

You can watch a demo of this app on you tube :

The app costs Rs 190 and is available on both itunes and google play.

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