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Picture It is an amazing software to create a visual learning environment for children on the autism spectrum. I had wanted to get this software for quite some time and am looking forward to use this in many ways for my son who is a visual learner.The software has over 10,500 pictures and with the feature to add your own pictures, the number of pictures is limitless. This software can be used to make flashcards, visual schedules, activities, choice boards, communication board, picture book, social stories, activities, quizzes and even academics can be taught by making corresponding worksheets. You can also teach self help skills by task analysis and making worksheets/visual schedules of them. The best part about this software is that it is very user friendly and adaptable. Just type the words and you get the picture version of it in seconds. If you need, you can modify the pictures accordingly. Let’s take a look at some examples.

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This is an example of a visual schedule.

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A social story for Birthday party.

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A visually way to teach academics.

There are a lot of freebie visual schedules, social stories, life skills, animals, safety, school, seasons, famous people and many topics made using this software on their website. You can take a  printout and use them! Just follow this link :

We bought the download version of this software for windows for $99 and the installation took less than 5mins. Our visual learners on the spectrum can benefit a lot from this software. To view a demo, ways to add our own pictures to the software, use this link :



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