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             TeachTown Basics software is developed specifically for children with autism and other special needs, who are developmentally 2 to 7 years old. They offer a one month free trial for the home version.
       Sign up for a FREE trial, download the software and then create the individual profile of your child covering many developmental aspects. If you sign in as a parent, you are the facilitator and once you complete the profile, you can choose among computer generated lessons that match the profile of the child/ facilitator selected lessons/ all generalization lessons.
             There are nearly 500 generalization lessons covering six learning domains. Each domain further has activities from levels 1 to 5. Let’s take a look at the six learning domains :
1) Adaptive skills – body functions/parts, community helpers/signs, food, money, safety, etc.
2) Social and Emotional skills – emotions, friend rules, pretend play, play behaviour, problem situations, social actions, etc.
3) Language Development – actions, adverbs, pronouns, clues (descriptors, colours, concepts), time concepts, visual comprehension, etc.
4) Cognitive Skills – association matching, categories, real and pretend, sequencing, seriation, etc.
5) Language Arts – matching letters/words/ first sound/phase to picture/word to picture, etc.
6) Mathematics – addition, fractions, maths symbols, missing numbers, most or fewest, etc.
                To watch a demo :
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