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Therapy Fun Zone is a wonderful website with tons of activities for our kids. Their caption – Where play is FUNctional! says it all. Developed by Tonya Cooley, a pediatric occupational therapist, this website features activities for kids across a wide range of skill sets. I found many new activities browsing this website/blog and hope you have a great time too.

You can browse activities by skill, which includes – Occupational therapy, motor planning, range of motion, trunk strengthening, physical therapy and activity by age. Under Occupational therapy, there are activities for ADL, fine motor, oral motor, visual perceptual, sensory, etc. Activity by age has separate set of activities catering to baby, toddler, preschool, middle school, teenage, etc.

In the games section, there are favourite toys, clothespin/tongs activities, chopstick activities, dice game, munchy ball, etc. The crafts section has fun activities with pom poms, cotton balls, foam, paper, tooth picks, play dough, etc.   The printables section has free printables, therapy activity printables, evaluation forms as well as home program forms. Also don’t forget to check out the free downloads in the shop home section.

I particularly loved her Resources section which features blogs ( for therapy activities, special needs blogs, speech blogs, etc. ), toys and educational suppliers, educational printables, etc. Don’t forget to check out her online shop/store which features some digital downloads too. You can even subscribe to her newsletter.

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