Good Software – Flash!Pro and SpeakingPix

                Flash!Pro 3 is the latest version available now, whereas the one we have is Flash!Pro 2. The latest version is available as USB too. We need so many flashcards on a daily basis and sometimes more than one flashcard of the same word to promote generalization. Well, your search for flashcards ends with this software, which comes with 15000 flashcards! They are good quality colour photographic images in over 80 categories with different instances of each image. You can even add your own digital camera pictures. We take a print out of these flash cards and use it for games like What’s different?, What’s wrong?, What’s Missing? , Associations , etc.
Some of the categories are :
Actions – over 1600 colour photos
Associations – 300 photos
Animals  – 900 photos
Food – over 750 photos
Body parts – 200 photos
Signs – over 450 photos
Vehicles – over 350 photos
Attributes and opposites – over 500, etc.
          Don’t take my word for it, check out these samples for yourselves along with other categories available in the software :
          You can print 1,2,4,6 or 8 images per page with the label On/Off feature too.
              SpeakingPix comes with over 2000 images to teach Speech, Language and Communication. You can click on any image to hear a voice or sound. Includes over 150 environmental, animal (eg. dog barking), music, vehicle (car, train , etc.) and humans ( eg. coughing, laughing, etc.) among other sounds. You can record over any sound with your own voice in any language. There is an option to import images from Flash!Pro or you can add your own digital camera pictures too.
         To take a look at other categories :
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