Helpful Books – Autism And Diet

Dietary restrictions/intervention in autism is perhaps the second most debated topic among autism parents after the effects of vaccination. There are some parents who totally write it off and some who swear by the effectiveness of dietary restrictions. I personally feel, many of us have some dietary restrictions in our lives, some of us are allergic to nuts, fruits, etc. Before totally writing off the dietary aspect, test your child to see if he/she needs the dietary intervention. For instance, my son is super sensitive to sugar in his diet, it makes him very hyperactive and restless. Restricting sugar in his diet has helped us a lot! Each child on the autism spectrum is unique and when needed dietary restrictions can make a major difference in the life of your child.These are some of the books to read if you want to further explore this approach.

This small yet concise book is written by an autism expert who has witnessed in her own child the dramatic improvement that can be made through dietary intervention. This book offers an ‘easily digestable’ to the science behind the considerations, strategies for implementing a safe diet, a list of ingredients to be avoided, as well as a list of useful resources and contacts.

Kenneth J. Aitken has written a really good book that explores the known genetic conditions linked to autism and describes various dietary interventions.For each approach, the author explores the potential benefits, evidence for and against the diet and information for further reading. This book gives the much needed practical advice on matching the diet to the child!

This book presents a realistic 10 step plan to change your child’s diet, starting with essential foods and supplements and moving to more advanced therapies like gluten free casein free diet. The book also talks about introducing new foods, food allergies, etc.

Many children on the autism spectrum are fussy eaters and have sensory issues too. This book provides support and guidance to parents of these children. The author provides countless ideas, tip and techniques for helping the child with eating problems.



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