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This app gives a wonderful opportunity for our kids to learn valuable social skills by observing various scenarios and answering simple questions. The videos demonstrate everyday scenarios and there is an option to rewind and replay it for better understanding. First the child has to choose a virtual friend to guide him through the various stages. He/she can take photo, record his/her voice to say ‘Give Me 5’ for a correct answer.

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The virtual friend can help a child to pick the social skills categories seen in the videos by dropping a colourful spinning disk into a maze. My son had lots of fun trying to guide the disk into the colours of his choice.

Give Me 5!!!!! Social Skills - screenshot

There are five videos in each of these eight categories :
– Manners
– Words
– No words
– Understanding others
– Understanding Me
– Calming feelings
– People and places
– Big Picture

Give Me 5!!!!! Social Skills - screenshot

I really liked the way right answers are celebrated followed by an explanation to improve social understanding and at the same time wrong answers are followed by an encouraging , ” Almost, let’s look at this one again ” and the video is played again at a later time.

Give Me 5!!!!! Social Skills - screenshotGive Me 5!!!!! Social Skills - screenshot

The kids in the videos are not actors and represent kids with diverse abilities, some of them are also on the autism spectrum. The app costs $5.99 ( To watch a demo of the app :

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