Hands-On learning : With Straws

Today, let’s explore some fun activities with straws, yes drinking straws, that are available easily anywhere. The more colourful the straws, the merrier! If your child or student has difficulty mastering the scissor skills, start with cutting straws, it’s easy and encouraging for the kiddo. Do remember to follow the safety precautions when using scissors, like using child safe scissors or ones which have a blunt tip. Needless to say, always closely monitor the child during these activities.


Cutting the straws is a good fine motor activity that develops scissor skills, eye hand coordination and bilateral coordination. Upon cutting the straw into pieces, its time for threading the straws using a lace (even shoe lace will do). If your straws are colourful, use this opportunity to lace the straws to based on colours, patterns, etc.


Other activity suggestions with straws are :

Fine Motor Size Sorting game for kids from Lalymomhttp://lalymom.com/2014/01/kids-crafts-activities-using-straws.html



These grated cheese containers are awesome for fine motor play with small objects!http://www.sugaraunts.com/2014/03/fine-motor-color-sorting-activity-for.html?m=1

Once we cut all the straws and sorted them according to colours and sizes, we tried this activity and my son was very interesting in making this artwork of his name using straws he had cut. Do try it with your child!

Hope you enjoyed this collection of great activities to do with straws. Do share your views!

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