Hands-On Learning – Salt, glue and Watercolour Experiment


I hope you are trying out all/some the activities I have shared on the Hands-on learning series of posts with your child. This simply amazing activity is a big hit in our home. Me and my son had loads of fun doing this experiment. So, here I am, to share this with you guys. I found this activity on the Happyhooligans website and wanted to try it right away. You need glue, salt , pipettes/droppers and water colours/food colours mixed in little water for this hands-on learning fun which helps develop multiple skills like attention, eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, visual skills, pincer grasp ( to operate the dropper), colours – identification, all this while creating an awesome art work. Thanks Jackie for sharing this.

The link above will take you to the cbc website with details about this activity. You can try shapes, alphabets, numbers in this activity. Let’s take a look :

My son loved spelling his name in this activity and colouring it :

IMG_7820 2http://happyhooligans.ca/salt-glue-watercolour-art/

Its pretty amazing, isn’t it? Since liquid water colours are not available in India, we tried Camlin Professional Water colours which come in tubes and we can dilute it to get the required consistency. There are 18 colours in this pack and each colour comes in a 9 ml tube, plenty for us.


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