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I am in awe of this book, simply superb and the best book available to teach kids on the autism spectrum, specific language activities with numerous exercises and drills. Teach me language, is a step by step “How To” manual with 400 pages of instructions, explanations, examples, games and cards that are designed specifically keeping in mind the language deficits on children on the autism spectrum. If your child can understand and answer What/Where questions and can communicate verbally/by typing/sign language/PECS, he/she is ready for this book!

The first chapter is Introduction and talks about concerns such as child led vs therapist led therapy, teaching language using a child’s strength, how to do the exercises, how to use the book, etc. Though the authors use structured teaching and ABA principles through the book, they clearly suggest varying the structure frequently and introducing newer topics to minimize rote learning.

Chapter 2 is Social Language and includes topics like word associations, contingent words, topical conversation, conversation skills, Finding out about someone exercises, etc. The next chapter is General Knowledge and has numerous exercises to develop the language skills of the child from a simple sentence to paragraphs stage when discussing general topics like animals, occupations/community helpers, places in the community, sports, geography, etc.

The fourth chapter is Grammar and Syntax and deals with exercises to teach pronouns, verbs, nouns, WH- questions, etc. The next chapter is Advanced Language Development and has exercises for developing story writing skills  from an easy to advanced levels as well as exercises for paragraph writing, finding the main idea, letter writing, how to teach recall of significant daily events, etc.

The sixth chapter is Academics/Language based concepts and includes exercises to teach categorization skills, pre-reading comprehension skills,comprehension activities, increasing vocabulary, teaching sequencing, comparative words, calendar, time, money, etc, among others. The last chapter is Therapy Schedules and talks about how to set up a therapy schedule, starting with the easiest drills first, customized to the individual child.

This book will help your child’s emerging language skills and is as useful for the younger child as it is for the teenager!

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