Hands-On Learning : Free Prewriting Practice Pattern Worksheets

Free Prewriting Practice Patterns - Several pages of different patterns to practice with prewriting - 3Dinosaurs.comhttp://3dinosaurs.com/wordpress/

Cassie from 3dinosaurs.com has shared this free printable patterns for prewriting practice. There are 29 pages of different patterns as you can see in the image above. If your child is having problems with handwriting, do try these worksheets. They are good for older kids too as they are  patterns with varying levels of difficulty. As Cassie suggested, you can give the child various options like crayons, triangular crayons, markers, water colours, etc. to practice these prewriting worksheets.

If you are looking for more simpler prewriting worksheets for your kiddo, try these:

Free Prewriting Practice Printableshttp://3dinosaurs.com/wordpress/index.php/free-prewriting-practice-printables/

At the bottom of the post on the above link you will find many prewriting pritables in various themes. I hope you lots of fun trying out these printables with your child. Thanks Cassie!

Free Beach Theme Prewriting Printable - 2 Different types - 3Dinosaurs.comhttp://3dinosaurs.com/wordpress/index.php/free-beach-themed-prewriting/

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