Good App – Preposition Builder

This app developed by Mobile Education Store is an excellent one for helping children understand the correct use of prepositions and how preposition can change the meaning of a sentence.  The child is presented with a sentence and an image and he/she has to choose  the preposition from the options given below. If the child chooses the incorrect answer, the image changes and the sentence change to show the student how choosing the wrong preposition changes the sentence. Let me explain with an example.

iPad Screenshot 1

In the above example, the correct answer is – On. However, if the child chooses – in, the sentence and the image change accordingly and depict – The boy put the cereal in the bowl. This provides valuable visual and auditory feedback to the child, thereby encouraging him to make a correct choice next time. I love this feature.

The app  comes with 9 preposition modules as follows :

In – on – under
Down – up – Off
Above – below – at – by
Behind – between – beside
Out of – next to – away from
Toward – around – through
To – From -At
Across – past – over
With – About – For

iPad Screenshot 2

There are options to turn on/off the audio instructions, correct answer reinforcement as well record correct answer option.

iPad Screenshot 3

With 300 images to build sentences with 28 common prepositions, the app fully justifies its price $7.99 ( Rs 490). There are also 11 animations for the child to unlock during play. To watch demo of the app :

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