Pre-Vocational Tasks : Can I take your Order


This is a great resource developed by a certified Speech Language pathologist and though its not included in the pre-vocational category, I think it provides a great way to introduce our kids to taking an order, following directions and serving it on the tray, don’t you think so?

This is a digital download of 15 pages and costs $3 , you can purchase it here.  Once you purchase, download it, print it out, laminate for durability and you are all set with a great resource for your kiddo to work on multiple skills.

This resource is restaurant themed and has 16 different food items

Also included are order cards having three food items and four food items, as well as blank cards to make your own to adapt to your kiddo.

Basically, you give the child an order card containing three food items to start with and he/she has to fill out the order by placing the requested item cards on a tray and serving it. You can progress to order cards with four food items gradually. The best part is that the order cards have images of the food items, so that even an younger child can follow it easily. You can easily adapt it and make it more difficult as the child progresses by telling the names of the food items and he/she has to fill out the order.

This is one resource that can be helpful in many ways, in speech therapy, life skills (add the cost of the food items and the kiddo can calculate the total amount for the order and pay the change! ) , prevocational skills, auditory skills ( just tell the names of the food items to fill out the order)  and last but not the least, role play, wherein , the kiddo can sometimes be the customer who asks for the food items and at times be the one serves the food items to a customer ( you or other kids).

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