Digital Download – Prediction Presents

                       Prediction Presents

This is another great resource develop by Teach Speech 365. This is a digital download of 51 pages and costs $6.50, you can purchase it here. This resource targets prediction and inference skills in a presents theme, as in, every present has clues and the child has to infer and predict it.

There are 8 categories of cards included :

Animals – 30 cards
School – 24 cards
Sports – 24 cards
Food – 30 cards
House – 30 cards
Transportation – 18 cards
Occupation – 18 cards and
Clothing – 18 cards

Each category starts with a picture mat of all the items so as to give visual cues to the presents and there are blank cards too. Let me elaborate with an example. In the Animals category, one of the cards is – Makes honey, Flies, Black and yellow and the kid has to infer and predict the answer as Honey Bee. Another example from the School category is – Round, It spins, It has the continents and the answer is the Globe.

You can use it category wise or mix up the category cards to make it more difficult.

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