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Teach Beside Me is the brain child of Karyn, a homeschool mom and a former teacher. The Educate Creatively caption for this blog is very true, there are so many wonderful activity suggestions and many free printables too!

In the teaching ideas section, there are awesome activities listed under different categories, let’s take a look:

Art – Many art projects ideas are listed here, simple and creative.

Craft – Many homemade craft ideas are included here, with pom poms, straws and similar house hold items.
History – Most of the articles here are related to USA history, but found some interesting ones like this cereal box draw bridge.
Homeschooling – lots of fun home school activities here, like this kitchen homeschool experiments for kids.
Language Arts – this section is a treasure chest of activities and many free printables, like this clover word families.
Math – includes wonderful activities for counting, time, temperature, fractions and many more.
Science – Numerous easy to do science experiments, learning about volume, seeds, circuits and much much more.
Impressed? Now go take a look at his blog :
Subscribe to her library and you can access her free printables, there are paid printables too, which are really good!
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