Vocational Task Ice Cream Parlor

Its great to find a resource that combines teaching essential skills with something my son loves, well who doesn’t love ice cream?
Developed by Dianne Matthews of Adaptive Tasks, this digital download costs $6 and can be purchased Here. This digital resource has 37 pages of amazing real life images, once you purchase it, download and print it out.
Images included are :
 14 flavours of ice cream – chocolate caramel, caramel fudge, mint chocolate, etc., along with regular flavours like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
5 ice cream toppings – strawberry whipped, chocolate whipped, etc,.
waffle cone, cake cone, waffle sundae bowl and banana split bowl for serving.
Poster showing all these images for the reference.
There are 18 separate pre-made orders, for example, one order is – cake cone with two scoops caramel brownie and waffle cone with two scoops chunky berry. You can simplify orders to suit your kiddo’s needs. There is an image given below each order depicting how the completed order will look. Your kiddo has to look at the order card, select the appropriate items and serve it as shown in the image.
Another good aspect is that there is pricing for all the items, they are in dollars (USD) , so you will have to change it to Indian Rupees and your kiddo has to total the amount for each order and complete the transaction. We used play money for this.
To sum up, your kiddo will learn to identify different flavours of ice cream, toppings, cones, etc. and fulfill an order by assembling the requested items, calculate the total bill and give change for the amount given.
Your kiddo will learn essential life skills like money transactions as well as vocational skills of completing customer orders and following directions. Wholesome package, isn’t it?
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