Fun Therapy – Sticks And Rings




Sticks and rings, from the house of Hape, is a really good game that is fun to play and immensely therapeutic for your kiddo. The game comes with 156 pieces and comprises of sticks of four sizes in blue and green and circles of three sizes in yellow and red and semi circles of three sizes in yellow and red. Lots of them!


There are readymade design sheets – 4 large and 4 small ones. The large ones are double sided and have a single design, whereas the small sheets have two designs on them. The designs are made up of rings and sticks of various sizes and your kiddo have to figure out which of stick/ring matches the design.
Suprisingly, the stick and rings don’t slide off the laminated sheets. We spread out the sticks and rings on a table and I give my son a design sheet and he takes his time figuring out which ones match the design, I do help him when he has difficulty finding the stick/ring he is looking for. When you spread all the pieces, it can be tough for a kiddo with visual problem, figuring out the exact shape from the cluster of shapes. So start with simple shapes of your own. Make a shape and ask your kiddo to copy it, then move on to large designs. where you kiddo can place the pieces directly on the sheet. Smaller designs have to be replicated separately, not enough place to place the pieces directly on the design.
This game is good for developing visual skills, matching skills, thinking skills, fine motor skills, eye hand coordination and creativity. Just take care that your child doesn’t put the pieces in his/her mouth.
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