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If you are interested in Son-Rise Program and wanted to follow it for your child but held back because you are not sure how to go about it, this book will be of immense help to you. Developmental therapies like Son-Rise, Floor Time, etc. are a great way to bond with your child as they help build a bridge between a child and parent. This book, Autistic Logistics, written by Kate Wilde, will help you in the process of becoming a more understanding and gentle parent to your child with autism. Kate Wilde, who has over 25 years of experience of working with autistic children, has written a gem of a book.

The first six chapters in this book are perspectives and concepts about how to think about and approach your child. The first chapter – Understanding our children’s experience, talks about the 3-step control protocol for every time you physically engage with your child. The steps are – Position yourself in front of the child, give them an explanation of what you are about to do and Look for permission. If the kiddo is indicating Yes, go ahead with it and if the response is No, accept it and stop. This way, you give control to your child and respect their wishes, thereby building a strong foundation for your relationship to blossom. The chapter also talks about how to remove control battles with your child.

The second chapter – Creating clear and Strong boundaries, explains how to create boundaries for your child so that you can keep them safe and healthy. The third chapter – Believe in you child’s ability to learn, is all about keeping a positive frame of mind regarding your child’s ability to learn and progress and thinking My child is getting ready to… instead of My child can’t/won’t/doesn’t. The fourth chapter –  Motivation, the key to everything, lists ways to find out what motivates your child so that we can use them to help our children learn new skills. The fifth chapter – Talk to your children: The power of explanation, asks a parent to believe their child is intelligent, he/she can listen and understand what you say to them, and a very importantly, lack of response doesn’t mean lack of understanding!

The sixth chapter – Button Pushing is most favourite chapter and no matter at stage you are on your Autism journey, this chapter will help you.The author suggests three ways to deactivate a button push – Change your internal reaction, change you external reaction and React in a huge way to something you want your child to do. The seventh chapter – Tantrum Rescue, deals with various ways to handle tantrums. The eighth chapter – Hitting and Intense Energy is my second favourite chapter in this book. It talks about reasons our children are doing it – They are trying to communicate, They want to see our reaction to their hitting, They have sensory challenges and They are trying to protect themselves. Kate Wilde gives a detailed checklist for each of above mentioned four reasons and suggests various strategies for each of them in separate sections, Very Helpful!

The next four chapters deal in depth about how to use these strategies and techniques to teach our children, Toilet training, Sleeping, Self-help skills as well as Introducing new foods. This book is a must read for Autism parents as well as for therapists who work with our children.

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