Writing Emails – Prompts for Special Education

Developed by Brie of Breezy Special Ed, this digital download is of great help in teaching the essential skill of writing emails to children with special needs. This is an extensive 55 page digital download that will walk through all the steps for teaching this skill. It costs $7 and can be purchased Here.
There is an email social story, a short one followed by an email picture tutorial, which shows where to enter email id, password, etc. There is a table that shows different words to use for greetings, emotions and goodbye. There are 25 fill in the blank emails with sentence starter support, wherein there are prompts for the kiddo to help with sentence formation. There are two levels – Level one has options given from which the kiddo has to complete the fill in the blanks in the email, whereas level 2 has only fill in the blanks and the kiddo has to fill in the blanks in their own words.
Some of the topics covered in the emails are school, colours, library, sports, pets, weekend, etc. Some  topics like Halloween, St. Patrick’s day can easily be modified to Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, etc.
Teaching your kiddo to communicate with emails is building to their strength as our kids can communicate without the pressure of one on one conversation. Its good for developing social skills and making friends.
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