Good App – Auditory Memory Ride

Auditory Memory ride develop by Virtual Speech Center is a good app that works on auditory memory, i.e., ability to retain and recall what was heard. The app costs $25 and can be purchased Here.

There is an option to introduce delay between information and related questions – by 5 to 15 second delay and you can also introduce background noise to increase level of difficulty.  The app has the following categories :

Digits and numbers – 9 levels of difficulty to recall digits and the two largest/smallest numbers.

Words and sentences – 10 levels of difficulty, recalling related/unrelated words,etc.

Details – 4 levels of difficulty recognizing and recalling two objects with two details, etc.

Paragraphs – 6 levels of difficulty with yes/No, multiple choice questions and open ended question of paragraphs starting from simple three sentence ones to seven sentence paragraphs.
Take a look at the video demo of this app:
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