A Day In The Jungle Game



A Day In The  Jungle developed by Chalk and Chuckles is a very interesting game. Its basically animal bingo game with the added adventures in social emotional learning.  It comes with four jungle boards, 100 jungle chips and two dice along with a booklet. Your kiddo has to roll both the dice and say for example, they roll onto Caring and Elephant. He/she then has to scan the pictures on the jungle boards and find one where an elephant is caring for other animals by sharing something with them.  Once they find the picture, they have to place a jungle chip on it and roll the dice again!





You can take this opportunity to discuss how caring and sharing are good behaviors and vice versa depending on the situation.  This game also helps develop visual skills, fine motor skills, thinking skills, eye hand coordination and most importantly, social learning. It is rare to find a game like this!


This game can be purchased Here.



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