Social Inferences Picture Cards



Social Inferences picture cards from Upbility are a great way to encourage our children to look at a scenario and infer, reason and analyze it.  The Social inferences set comes with 60 picture cards and over 300 questions. Let’s take a look:



The picture shows a woman and a mechanic and the corresponding questions encourage our children to put on their thinking hat and infer what place the people in the picture are? what are they trying to do? and  perspective taking skills by by thinking about how the woman feels and why?





In this picture card, the kiddo has to infer the relationship between the two people and what may have happened and perspective taking by thinking about how the girl feels and why she feels this way. These picture cards are great for developing social thinking in our children.





These picture cards encourage children to understand social cues, infer, understand the contextual meaning and enhance perspective taking skills. This digital download also has instructions for a dice game. It is a ready to use resource. After you purchase it, download it and its ready for use on tablets or desktop/laptop. It costs $8.65 . To purchase Click here



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