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Math Puzzles from the house of Creative Educational Aids are an unique way to combine math skills and visual skills in the form of a puzzle. This math puzzle for addition comes with  3  boards that have 25 puzzle pieces each and a dice. Select a board, get the corresponding puzzle pieces and you are all set to enjoy a math adventure! Each puzzle piece has a number or a sequence of nimbers printed on it, your kiddo has to match the puzzle piece to its corresponding answer on the play board, then flip it and place it on the board. Once all the puzzle pieces are matched, your kiddo has completed a puzzle by answering the math questions. Sounds fun, isn’t it? This game helps develop math skills, thinking skills, visual skills and fine motor skills.







This is a next level version of the above game and is similar to it as it has three boards and 25 puzzle pieces each. Here your kiddo has to match the pieces by solving multiplication and division questions.  The completed puzzles look very good.





So roll the dice and enjoy taking turns with your kiddo solving this entertaining math puzzle that will be interesting even for the most reluctant learner. You can also purchase them Here and Here.




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