Different Like Me : My Book of Autism Heroes




Different Like Me – My book of Autism Heroes is a perfect first book while introducing our children to the world of Autism.  When discussing about their diagnosis with our children, its important to introduce them to Autistic role models who were successful. This book is a collection of such inspiring real life stories of people who were different – had many quirks and problems, but succeeded by capitalizing on their strengths. A good read for children above eight years and above as the book is written by an eight year old Quinn, who is on the Autism spectrum. He loves drawing, baseball, dolphins and ancient Egypt. He introduces us to many famous people on the spectrum and briefly tells their story of how they turned their unique abilities into something great!



Each Autistic personality in the book has one single page story explaining their life, their strengths and difficulties and how they achieved success, followed by an illustration. Some of more well known Autistics covered in the book are Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Temple Grandin along with many other scientists, artists who are also on the Autism Spectrum. Some of them are :


Dian Fossey – a scientist famous for her work on gorillas.

Andy Warhol – Famous artist whose paintings were popular

Benjamin Banneker – science and math genius who made the first clock in USA and accurately predicted a solar eclipse.

Andy kaufman – a famous comedian

Julia Bowman Robinson – a famous mathematician

Alan Turing – father of modern computing

Lewis Carroll – author of Alice in Wonderland

Nikola Tesla – a brilliant scientist.



A very positive and uplifting book for an Autistic discovering how different he/she is from others and will truly inspire him to embrace his/her uniqueness. You can purchase it Here.



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