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Adjectives Remix developed by Smarty Ears Apps helps our children learn to differentiate and understand the world of adjectives, which develops vocabulary skills. The adjectives in this app are divided into 8 major categories :

1.   Appearance: Broken, Clean, Comfortable, Dirty, Elegant, Fluffy, Long, New, Soft, Sparkling, Valuable.
2.  Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Black.
3. Feelings: Angry, Happy, Nervous, Sad, Scary, Excited, Bored.
4. Quantity: Empty, Few, Full, Heavy.
5. Shape: Chubby, Curved, Round, Squared, Thick, Thin.
6. Size: Big, Short, Small, Tall, Tiny.
7. Time: Ancient, Fast, Modern, Old, Slow, Young.
8. Touch & Taste: Cold, Fresh, Hot, Nutritious, Salty, Sweet, Wet, Dry.



Two objects/people/animals are displayed and the kiddo has to choose which one fits the adjective displayed.



With over 200 targets and 400 images, this app offers ample practice for our children to understand the world of adjectives. You can purchase the app Here.




Take a look at this demo of this app:



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