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                     I Am In Here – The journey of a child with Autism who cannot speak but finds her voice is written by the mother daughter duo of Virginia Green and Elizabeth Bonker and chronicles their Autism Journey. Elizabeth is a non verbal poet on the Autism spectrum. She found her ‘Voice’ when she learned to type using Therapies – Rapid prompting Method (RPM).


                        Elizabeth’s poems are deep and beautiful and I am sharing a few in this book review so that my readers can get a glimpse of her talent. These poems are taken from her website


                    The first  poem is titled ‘Me’ 


I sometimes fear
That people cannot understand
That I hear
And I know
That they don’t believe I go
To every extreme
To try to express
My need to talk.
If only they could walk
In my shoes
They would share my news:
I am in here
And trying to speak every day
In some kind of way.



                     Throughout the book, you can read Elizabeth’s poems and her musings as she writes about many topics like nature, spirituality and Autism. Her mother Virginia, writes about their journey. I liked the part where she  talks about how the world is divided into ‘Why people’ and ‘How people’ .  To quote the author :

‘ Why People cannot be at peace until they answer the question of why their suffering has befallen them. They look backward and ask, “Why me?” How People, on the other hand, ask, “How can I move forward?” Having been dealt their hand in life, their focus shifts to how they can find whatever healing and wholeness is possible.’


                   It is the ‘How people’ who learn to live life to the fullest inspite of all the ups and downs. Our children definitely need parents who fall in this category!


                      In this poem, Elizabeth shares her spiritual thoughts :


God Loves Us All
It does not matter who you are
It does not matter if you stray far
God is always there for you
In spite of what you may do
His love is stronger than anyone can know
You just have to know to go
to God.


                 I believe being an Autism parent or any special needs parent is  spiritual journey and Virginia describes her spiritual growth in detail in this book which can be helpful to parents who are struggling. 


                  I enjoyed reading the book as it shares Elizabeth’s journey from childhood to adolescence and chronicles the different problems she faced along the way. I loved reading her conversations with Soma Mukhopadhyay as well as her conversation with another non-verbal young man on the Autism spectrum. 


           This book is a journey of hope, undaunting spirit and unconditional love and definitely an inspiration to other Autism parents. God Bless you Elizabeth and may all your dreams come true!

You can purchase the book on Amazon India . 



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