Life Skill – Expiration Date Work Tasks




Expiration Date task cards is a digital download developed by Naturally Special. What is the first thing you check before buying or consuming a product, its expiration date, right? This huge digital download of 55 pages teaches this most useful life skill to our children.



In each task card, there is a product and two dates are mentioned, today’s date and expiration date of the product. Your kiddo has to decide whether the product is within the expiration date and fit to consume.





Many  products are included such as dairy products, packed foods, fruits, vegetables, etc. Both calendar dates ( Jan 2nd) and numerical dates ( 02/01/2017) are given separately. There is also an activity where your kiddo has to stock the shelves according to expiry dates, the earlier expiry date products on the front row and later expiring date products on the next rows.


A very thorough and useful product to teach a very essential life skill. This digital download costs $4 and can be purchased Here.




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