Measurement Adventures Interactive Activities Software




                      Measurement Adventures Interactive Activities Software is a fun way to develop measurement skills in our children. Children team up with animated ant, caterpillar, mechanic and clown and learn to measure various objects in four different games.





                                              In Mechanics Measure, your kiddo has to measure vehicles using rulers and select the shortest/longest vehicle.




                                    In Circus lineup, he/she has to arrange animals from smallest to largest. In Measurement garden, your kiddo will align the ruler against the tree/plant and select the correct measurement value among the options given.






                                     In Medieval measurement, your kiddo will use gold brick to measure the different objects and count the bricks.





                     Its great way to learn measurement for our visual learners on the spectrum. Single license costs $19.99 and if you choose Instant download, you can start using it right away after you download and install the software. You can purchase it Here.





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