Activities For Fine Motor Skills Development




                        Activities for fine motor skills development book is written by Jodene Lynn Smith is an excellent resource jam packed with activities helpful for our children. 


                        The Getting Started section of the book talks about fine motor skills, motor planning, body awareness, bilateral integration and crossing mid-line and tactile awareness. Each skill is explained in brief along with activity suggestions. It is followed by an exhaustive fine motor skills checklist.


                    The unique and very useful aspect about this book  is that the first two sections are devoted to Shoulder and wrist activities and Wrist and hand activities. Most books don’t focus on developing these skills but they are very essential and directly relate to hand and finger strength. Some of my favourite activities in these sections are marble activities, art activities, and puzzles. Other activities covered include many ways to develop spreading, squeezing, flipping, stamping activities and many more.


                 Hand and finger activities section constitutes the largest part of the book. Finger play activities are good and will be enjoyable for younger children. Scissors activities, drawing and writing activities and printing practice come with many ready-made worksheets that you can photocopy and use with your kiddo. All in all a very comprehensive book for developing the all important fine motor skills in our children using simple activities from easily available materials.


                     You can purchase this book on Amazon India.





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