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                                       Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 book is written by a famous author on the Autism Spectrum – Naoki Higashida. The title is a famous Japenese proverb and aptly symbolizes the spirit of Naoki. His earlier book, which he wrote as a teenager was a bestseller. To read the review –  Helpful Book – The Reason I Jump.


                 Naoki, now an young man, communicates independently by pointing to letters on an alphabet board. He is a poet, essayist, short story writer and an amazing personality that challenges the many myths associated with Autism, especially with non-verbal Autism.




                      In this book, Naoki talks about many aspects of his life – like family, his beliefs and ambitions. There are many poems that are written by Naoki and a wonderful short story too. But his insights into the life a non-verbal person with Autism are what take your breath away. My personal favourites are :


” Mother’s Day is supposed to be the time of the year when we show our appreciation for everything our mothers, who we love, do for us. In my case, however, I’m unable to utter even a single ‘thank you’. It’s wretched and it’s miserable. I’m sure that if a nonverbal person like me could speak fluently all of a sudden, the first words he or she would utter would be, ‘Thanks so much for everything, Mom’. Please remember: there are young people, like me, who dream of a day in the future when we too can say these few words.”


            The book starts with this and ends with Naoki being able to buy his mom a single red carnation for Mother’s day. I can totally understand the joy his mother felt!










                  Through many wonderful insights into his Autism world, Naoki, gives parents and caregivers, a rare and priceless ways to bond with our children and how  best we can help them reach their full potential and make their dreams come true!





               You can also purchase this book on Amazon India.



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