Crayons With Better Grip




             Crayons with better grip are very helpful for our children who have fine motor difficulties and struggle to colour with the regular crayons. Grasp crayons from Faber-Castell are a perfect solution. They improve hand strength too! They are thick bulb – shaped crayons that come in a pack of four. You can purchase it on  Amazon India.




             Ball crayons is another variation of the grasp crayons. It comes in a pack of three. You can purchase it on Amazon India





                 Triangular shaped grip crayons are perfect way to progress beyond the grasp crayons. They come in a pack of six and encourage tripod grip. You can purchase it on Amazon India


                They are all available as a perfect combo – includes ball, grasp and grip crayons mentioned above in a combo set of 35 crayons.





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