Good App – Say It Or Not? Social Filter Skills




                       Say it or not? Social filter skills app is developed by Janine Toole and helps children with Autism filter their thoughts and provide appropriate responses in awkward or frustrating social situations. 





                    Using over 100 real life situations, and over 400 possible responses to choose from, this app provides our kids ample practice to master this difficult skill. There are four categories – Family, Friends, Community and Mixed. For example in the Friends section, there is the question :

Your Friend wants to play with your new toy but you don’t want him to. What should you say or do? The options given for possible responses are :

  1. Go away. That’s mine.
  2. Please be careful with it. It’s new.
  3. No. This is only for my special friends.





                             Our kids can also learn perspective taking when they consider how some one feels after hearing a specific response. They have to choose whether – its okay to say it/it’s rude,don’t say it.


                        The app is free to download from the itunes store but you will have to pay around Rs 500 to unlock all levels. You can download it  Here.



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