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                        Memory challenge software/app is a wonderful way to work on developing memory and visual skills as well as thinking skills in our children. Developed by The Critical Thinking Co., this product gives absolute freedom to the user to set up according to their needs. You can set up the grid-size, objects for display, display times as well as distractors. Let’s take a look:




                       There are four types of distractors – Blank, Visual, Literal and Auditory. We chose the visual distractors. Regarding the objects for display, the software comes with three types of objects – Shapes, Food and Vehicles. There is a blank object option, wherein you can upload images of your choice. There are three modes of play – Practice, Test and Game.






                        This is an example where Vehicles are displayed. As mentioned earlier, you decide the duration of display, the type of distractors and even duration of distractors. Later on, the blank grid is displayed along with multiple options and your kiddo has to place the correct object in the correct place. 






                         There are many levels and move from beginner to advanced. Once done, change the objects and you kiddo can enjoy a new game again! The software version costs $9.99 and can be purchased Here. It is also available as an app on Google Play and on itunes Store.


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