Monkey Expressions Game



Monkey Expressions is another wonderful game from the house of Chalk & Chuckles. This is like A Day In The Jungle Game and is  good for developing learning emotions and expressions in our children.  The game comes with a wooden box containing 15 magnetic pieces – 5 eye pieces, 5 mouth pieces and 5 thought bubbles. This lovable puzzle helps children identify and express emotions – happy, sad, angry, surprise and fear.




As seen in the image above, the though bubble is that of the monkey opening a gift and butterflies coming out of it. Now your kiddo has to place the eyes and mouth puzzle pieces to match the surprise expression. There are reference pictures to help him/her initially.





Once your kiddo masters the way to place the eye and mouth puzzle pieces correctly for the expression, without the help of reference cards, then he is ready to use the thought bubbles and understand how the monkey is feeling in the given situation!


I hope they develop next level of this game with even more emotions! You can purchase this game Here.




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