Interoception – The Eighth Sensory System




                                 Interoception – The eighth sensory system is written by Kelly Mahler, an Occupational Therapist and Autism consultant specializing in the development of self-regulation and social cognition skills. Ever since I have known that my son has problems with interceptive awareness, I have been looking for a book to provide me insights as very little is mentioned even in books on sensory processing disorder. This wonderful book not only provides insight into this master sensory system but also talk about ways we can help our children develop more interoceptive awareness. Wanna know about interoception, take a look at this video:






                        Now that you have watched the video and know more about Interoception, let’s move onto the book review. The first chapter – What is interoception, talks about its history, the role of insula in interoception and the role it plays in self-regulation, emotional regulation, flexibility, decision making and intuition, etc. The scientific concepts are explained in simple terms. The second chapter is – Interoception and Autism and explains in detail how scientific evidence suggests reduced interoceptive awareness in Autistic people and how essential is to learn self-regulation and emotional regulation, social awareness and hidden curriculum, perspective taking and empathy, social touch,etc. The third chapter is all about assessment of interoceptive awareness. 


                Chapter four talks about the very important topic – Building Interoceptive Awareness (IA) and explains in detail Adaptations for reduced IA and IA Builders. There are 14 IA builders and each one builds on the previous step. The appendix is tremendously useful and includes The interoceptive awareness interview, The assessment of self-regulation, The caregiver questionnaire for IA, Examples for adaptations for reduced IA,  and supplemental materials for IA Builders among others.


               You can purchase this book on Amazon India.




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